As a responsible supplier of extruded aluminium products, Almin has great understanding of the relevance of recycling aluminium to the sustainability of the business and the environment

Since 1969 Almin has been involved in the recycling of aluminium scrap. The organization gets most of its scrap from the manufacturing and construction processes within the local environment and this include both mixed and blending scrap. The company has capacity to consume every aluminium scrap that is generated within the country.


Through aluminium recycling, Almin is playing a great role in reducing the carbon foot print from the environment as well as keeping the much needed foreign currency within the country. Aluminium can be recycled infinitely without any loss of its properties. This also applies to the copper, magnesium, manganese, chrome, silicon and other elements used in making aluminium alloys. So when an aluminium alloy such as a 6 series extrusion or plate is recycled, its alloying elements are retained and also recycled.



What scrap aluminium does Almin buy?

Almin buys aluminium scrap mainly from extrusions as well as wire scrap. Other scrap types are also bought as long as they meet the required specifications.

Determinants of price Almin pays for aluminium scrap

• Pricing is largely a function of the globally traded price for aluminium. Aluminium is a globally traded commodity and is listed on the London Metal Exchange. (LME)


• The level of contamination of the scrap

• The quantity of scrap being supplied to Almin


Key Aluminium Features


Light weight - Every kilogram saved in the structure of a commercial road vehicle, a ship or a train increases its load capacity and profitability over its work life.


Corrosion Resistance - Airplanes, trucks, trains, irrigation pipes and ships are in use for up to 30 years.  They need to stand the test of time – and aluminium helps them to do this


Strength - Aluminium can be alloyed and processed to achieve the necessary strength needed in its many applications


Joinability - Extrusions are key components of modern vehicles and vessels.  Aluminium’s ability to be joined together without any compromise on strength is a huge plus for the metal.


Recyclability - Aluminium can be recycled with all its inherent properties of the metal.



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