Irrigal is the name given to a system of aluminium irrigation tubing and accessories manufactured by Almin Metal Industries. For over thirty years Irrigal has proven itself in the field as an effective solution for a range of irrigation applications.

Irrigal may be used for irrigating the following:

• Maize,

• tobacco,

• horticulture,

• paprika,

• Soya beans

• in fact almost anything


Why Irrigal?



It can be used anywhere and is not confined to flat topographical locations.

It can be easily deployed on sloping fields where other systems like centre pivot systems are unable to operate.


Ease handling

Irrigal is lighter than steel but has the same tensile characteristics, simplifying ease of handling and assembly with resultant savings on labour and time.


Non-corrosive and UV resistant

Aluminium is corrosion resistant and is unaffected by levels of ultra violet penetration because of this, Irrigal never loses its intrinsic value and is therefore the lowest life-cycle cost solution to irrigation investment.


Smooth bore increases efficiency

Irrigal tubing’s natural smoothness maintains pumping efficiency.


Low maintenance

Irrigal tubing may be repaired in the field without incurring heavy costs. By using modern adhesives or T.I.G. welding, farmers can carry out repairs on the spot.


Irrigal Products

  • Irrigation Tube

    Irrigal is available in standard lengths of 6 metres and 9 metres with respective outside diameters and wall thicknesses

    • 8mm x 1.22mm

    • 8rnm x 1.27mm

    • 2mm x 1.27mm

    • 6mm x 1.27mm

    • 4mm x 1.70mm

  • Fittings

    The Irrigal range includes a variety of fittings as follows:


    • Weld-on mainline coupling (51mm to 152mm)

    • Press-in mainline coupling (51mm to 152mm)

    • Press-in female riser coupling

    • Weld-on riser coupling

    • Weld-on riser assembly (32mm to 102mm)

    • ‘D’ type saddle riser

    • Reversible field bends

    • Valve control elbow

    • Valve elbow

    • Valve tops

    • End plugs

    • Priming pumps

    • Sockets

    • Reducing cones

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