Foundry division specializes in all aspects of gravity castings from product design advice, die making, casting through to fettling and assembling to customer requirements.

We service a broad sector of the Global economy including agriculture, transport, electrical, domestic and general engineering. We supply a wide variety of customers  often-competing customers  with its own products and products exclusive to specific customers. Customers include virtually all market leaders in their respective sectors. Exclusivity of customer dies is guaranteed and Almin reputation for integrity is high.


The Foundry division has design staff (product development staff) that has been specially trained to relate our customers’ needs and manufacturing process.

We have a  well-equipped and environmentally friendly foundry utilizing electric resistance furnaces and inert gas degassing techniques.

High quality metal alloy is utilized with excellent metal control to close compositional band within recognized international specifications such as BS1490. Compositional control is maintained by frequent analysis, utilizing modern spectrographic techniques.



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