This product category covers extruded profiles used for architectural purposes. Architectural extruded aluminium profiles are found in almost every building used in one way or the other which means it is a major material for building and construction.

Architectural Profile Systems


This category has several systems that include, but not limited to the following:

• Casement window

• Patio door

• Shopfront

• Galaxy door


Almin’s Architectural extruded profiles are found in:


• Residential buildings eg. suburban homes and high rise apartments

• Commercial buildings like hotels, conference venues, high rise and low rise offices, malls and shopping centres

• Stadiums

• Warehouses

• Facades, doors and windows

• Showers and built in cupboards


Aluminium provides the aesthetic appearance to a building so essential to architect-specified designs.



Why Architectural profiles?


• The Architectural Profiles system is sufficiently versatile to suit almost any application.

• It is easy to fabricate and install.

• The system provides for structural stiffness, wind loading, water penetration, low maintenance and corrosion resistance.


Architectural Profiles surface finishes

  • Touch-up:  (for powder coated surfaces only)

    • Aerosol and dab stick applicators for unintentional chips or dents are available from Orica Powder Coatings in most stock colours.   It is recommended however that the use of these products be restricted to minor areas and only for cosmetic improvement.

  • Care & Maintenance of Powder Coated and Anodised Surfaces

    • To realise the full potential from powder coated and anodised aluminium, on-going maintenance procedures should be followed.

    • Accumulated deposits must be removed at regular intervals.  As a general rule, powder coated surfaces should be cleaned every six months.  In areas where pollutants are more prevalent, or in exposed coastal areas, (e.g., industrial, geothermal areas and beach-front houses) a more frequent cleaning programme should be carried out, e.g., every three months.

    • When cleaning, use dilute solution of mild, neutral liquid detergent, e.g., dish washing detergent, and warm water  (40ᵒC) and a soft, lint free cloth or brush.

    • Do not use abrasive cleaning tools such as steel wool, hard brushes, abrasive scourers, etc., as these may damage the coating surface, and change the colour or gloss levels of the finish.

    • Rinse suds off thoroughly with fresh water, and dry with a clean cloth.

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