About Almin

Almin Recycles

Almin Recycles

As a responsible manufacturer and marketer of Almin extruded products and valued added products, Almin understands the importance of recycling to the sustainability of its business...

Almin Shopfitters

Almin Shopfitters

Almin has an in-house tactical unit that is capable of providing end to end cost effective solutions in the fabrication and installation of aluminium windows, doors, shop fronts,...

Almin Brands
  • Nuklip +

    The premier brand for aluminium windows, patio doors, shop fronts and applications in architecture and construction sector
  • General Engineering +

    These are aluminium profiles/sections used in general engineering applications including electrical, transport, advertising, mining e.t.c.
  • Irrigal +

    The lowest life cycle cost solution to irrigation schemes-irrigation and agriculture sector
  • Almin Shopfitters +

    Providing end to end cost effective solutions in the fabrication and installation aluminium windows, doors, shop fronts, showers, partitioning, entrance
  • Alware +

    A brand of cast aluminium cookware to satisfy the most discerning chefs domestic and catering/hospitality sector
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Almin Products

About Us

Cnr. Willowvale/Dagenham Rd. Willowvale, Harare, Zimbabwe
Phone: +263 620110 -19
Fax: +263 620117
Mobile: +263-7766345767/8, 776193455
Email: sales@almin.co.zw
Website: www.almin.co.zw

Our Vision

Almin will be the leading innovators of effective aluminium-based solutions and aluminium value-added products.